The University Honors Program is an academic program which has its own curriculum, but it is not academic in the way students might expect. Its goal is not to teach facts, but instead to help students understand how discoveries are made in a wide range of fields; to discover their own interests and passions; and to equip them with the methodological tools necessary to actually solve the problems that they care about. It’s designed to be a transformative experience which is catalyzed through a process of creativity, inquiry, and discovery.

The curricular core of the UHP is the HON seminars, which are small, graduate-style, seminars designed to expose students to how multiple disciplines approach and try to solve problems. The other major curricular dimension of the UHP is the Capstone project, which is an independent research project conducted under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The Capstone requires that a student articulate a problem or issue of interest and then use the tools and methods of their discipline in order to make a new discovery.