Travel Awards

The University Honors Program Travel Awards enable UHP students to participate in unique opportunities related to research and scholarship in their discipline. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Travel to present research at national and international professional meetings;
  • Travel related to independent research activities;
  • Enhancement of independent research/creative endeavor that is part of the UHP Capstone.

The application is located on the Forms section of the website.


Currently enrolled NC State University Honors Program students in good standing are eligible to apply.

  • Students must be enrolled as full-time NC State students.
  • Travel must be completed before students graduate from NC State.
  • Priority is given to students who have not earned a prior Travel Award.
  • Students may only apply for Travel Awards once per academic year.
  • Students may only win the Travel Award a maximum of two times.

Selection criteria

Priority is given to applications in which participation in the event, conference or experience will further the applicants long-term goals, as well as advance the UHP mission. Creative and original proposals are encouraged.


Students should apply for the total amount of support required for travel. Average travel awards are $500. Students are therefore actively encouraged to seek additional sources of funding and include those awards in their projected budget. Awards are determined based on the student’s projected expenses, as estimated in the projected budget submitted in the application. Awards may be used in conjunction with other fellowships, scholarships, and grants, but the total amount of support may not exceed the applicant’s projected expenses. Funding may be used for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to: airfare, lodging expenses, and conference registration fees.


Submissions are to be submitted by the following deadlines: for fall semester awards – September 30 and November 15 and for spring semester awards – February 15 and April 1.