Student Organizations


The Cavedwellers is a monthly philosophical reading and discussion group facilitated by Dr. Sandy Kessler (Political Science). The topics and authors included vary widely but generally relate in some way to themes present in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.”  In the past year, topics have included everything from liberal education, technology’s place in society, and the meanings of freedom and success.  Authors have included Plato, Camus, Dostoevski, Frost, Bloom, and many more. The group has no outcome other than opening our minds to new ideas in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the human condition. You can find out what we’re reading here. 

If you have an interest in joining, please contact Dr. Sandy Kessler (Political Science).

Daniel Center Outreach

Since Fall 2011, University Honors Program students have served as the major volunteer support for The Daniel Center for Math and Science.

The mission of the Daniel Center is to provide enhanced math, science, and technology education opportunities that narrow the education gap for at-risk and disadvantaged students; additionally, to prepare and motivate these young people to pursue post-high school education through proven tutoring methods. All this takes place within the framework of a safe, effective and FUN childcare program. This program is open to elementary and middle school students, ages 5-12.

University Honors Program students serve a critical role in this mission, serving not only as tutors, but also role models and mentors. The story of their impact was recently featured in the Technician.

For more information or to join, send an email to

Great Works Book Club

The Great Works Book Club was started in the Spring 2014 by two members of the University Honors Program who wanted to help increase the reading culture in the UHP. The Great Works Book Club is centered around the University Honors Program’s in-house Great Books collection, which was developed by members of the UHP faculty and represent the most influential books across all disciplines at NC State.

The purpose of the Great Works Book Club collection is to pursue knowledge actively and creatively through exploration and critical discussion of the works in the collection. Members of the club select one book at a time based on their interests and, after reading the work, meet for fellowship and discussion. The Great Works Book Club welcomes all members of the University Honors Program.

For more information or to join, send an email to

Honors Journal Club

The Honors Journal Club is a student-run interdisciplinary reading group dedicated to helping UHP students learn how to decipher and interpret disciplinary research, as well as learn more about current research efforts at NC State and in their field.

Students who participate have the chance to meet graduate students and professors from different disciplines and learn about research from a first-person perspective.  Meetings are held every other week.

For more information or to join, send an email to


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