HON 395

Honors Cooperative Education is for UHP students who wish to go beyond the traditional Co-op experience to create an experience which includes a significant research or creative project.


HON 395 process

  1. Students should first meet with their academic advisor to discuss how a Cooperative Education experience may fit into their plan of study.
  2. Meet with a Cooperative Education advisor and complete the Co-op application process.
  3. Complete the first semester rotation. During that time, meet with the Co-op supervisor to discuss how the experience might include a significant independent or group research/creative project. Students must be permitted by the hosting institution/company to engage in an independent or group research/creative project for part of the overall experience.
  4. Students should then meet with their Honors advisor to discuss how the cooperative education experience qualifies as an Honors experience. This discussion may also be carried out by e-mail.
  5. Complete the Honors 395 contract (including a description of the project) and submit it along with copies of the cooperative education paperwork to the UHP office (219 Clark Hall). Please plan to obtain this approval the semester before the HON 395 experience. Students are not permitted to enroll in any regular courses beyond HON 395 during the Co-op experience. Students may participate in additional semesters of Co-op but without additional UHP credit. Students are required to pay the undergraduate tuition and fee rate for a 0-5 credit hour course in addition to the Cooperative Education fee. Typically, students work with the cooperating institution 40 hours per week and receive a salary.
  6. Submit a report of the research/creative project to the UHP Office (219 Clark Hall) prior to the last day of classes of the semester involved.