HON 298

UHP students may earn research or independent study credit for individual or group work performed under faculty supervision. This research may be registered under HON 298 or an equivalent disciplinary undergraduate research course. For more information about how to get started in research, please see the Undergraduate Research section of the UHP website. For specific questions about your project, contact your Honors advisor.


HON 298 process

  1. Identify a research project and faculty mentor the semester prior to enrolling in an undergraduate research course. UHP students are encouraged to enroll in an undergraduate research course in their discipline, but may also enroll in HON 298.
  2. Submit the appropriate contract prior to the beginning of the semester of enrollment. Students enrolled in a disciplinary research course should complete the Honors research equivalency contract; students enrolled in HON 298 should complete the HON 298 contract. Please be aware that the form requires students to submit a written proposal and to obtain the signatures of the faculty mentor.
  3. Students and faculty mentors should plan to meet regularly during the time of the project, preferably no less frequently that once every two weeks. Students must earn either a B- or better in order to fulfill UHP requirements.
  4. Students must submit a copy of the final project or report to the UHP office before the last day of exams in the semester in which they are registered.

Note: Students may earn HON 298 credit for on- and off-campus summer research experiences. The diversity of possible experiences and credit-earning agreements cannot be addressed here. Please contact your Honors advisor to discuss your specific situation.