HON 397

Academic extension is an engaged form of research which seeks to develop relevant solutions for real-world problems. While traditionally understood in the context of agricultural research, the possibilities for extension based research exist within every discipline and academic field. For questions relating to HON 397 or extension research in general, contact an Honors advisor.


HON 397 process

  1. Become more aware of the myriad extension and engagement opportunities available via the Office of Extension and Engagement.
  2. Students should meet with their academic advisor to discuss how a specific extension and engagement experience may fit into their plan of study.
  3. Meet with a potential extension and engagement mentor (this could be a faculty or staff member, offices or organizations with established ties to NC State to discuss how the experience might include a significant independent or group research/creative project. Students must be permitted by the hosting extension or engagement organization to engage in an independent or group research/creative project for part of the overall experience.
  4. Students should meet with their Honors advisor to discuss how their extension and engagement experience qualifies as an Honors experience.
  5. Complete the Honors 397 contract (in which a description of the work must be clearly stated) prior to beginning the HON 397 experience. The form should be submitted to the UHP office (219 Clark Hall).
  6. Submit a report of the research/creative project to the UHP Office (219 Clark Hall) prior to the last day of classes of the semester involved. In addition, students will submit a reflective journal that notes significant events over the course of the project, and the critical thinking and self-awareness that resulted from the activities.
  7. Finally, they will present the results of the research/project at the NC State Undergraduate Research Symposium, the Scholarship of Engagement Symposium, or another venue appropriate to the project’s discipline.

Note: At least 70% of the overall assignment must be an independent or group research/creative project. This is to ensure that the experience is not one entirely of repetitive, routine chores. HON 397 contact hours will use the following upper limits as guidelines:  1/4 time internship, fieldwork course, or practicum that requires approximately 10 Hours/week/semester constitutes 3 semester credit hours; 1/2 time internship, fieldwork course, or practicum that requires approximately 20 Hours/week/semester constitutes 6 semester credit hours.