Honors contracts

*All forms required for Honors contracts can be found on the Forms section of the UHP website. 


Honors contracts are negotiated between a faculty member and a student in order to create more extensive and in-depth learning experience for the student in the context of a traditional course. The contract may be for work done independently by a student under faculty supervision or  made between faculty members and teams of students working on a common project. Contracts for Honors credit may be developed in advance by members of the faculty who agree to supervise Honors work or proposed by students to members of the faculty in whose courses they are or plan to be enrolled.


Faculty should expect students earning Honors credits to engage in work that involves self-reflection, independent learning and/or collaborative learning, project design and completion, and the capacity to develop, test, and modify project outcomes. The actual course experience for the student may be an enriched version of the regular course or may be radically different from the one students in the regular course are taking.


Because of the the range of possibilities embraced by this model, the signatures of department and college level administrators are required for the protection of academic integrity and the recognition of the student’s special effort, creativity, and initiative.


The Honors contract process

Students should return the signed contract to the UHP office by the 20th day of the semester (or third day of a summer session) in which the course is to be taken. Contracts received after the University’s official last day to drop classes will not be approved.


When an Honors Contract is approved, an email will be sent to the student and the instructor outlining the process for completing the contract.


At the end of the semester in which the Honors Contract is pursued, a Faculty- or Student- Initiated Contract for Honors Credit Course Form will be emailed to the instructor. At this time, the faculty member will assess the student’s work and return the completed form to the UHP, indicating whether the student should receive Honors credit because the student has received a grade of B- or better for the course and has completed the terms of a Contract for Honors Credit. If so, the student will receive “REQ Designation: Completed Honors Requirements” on his or her official transcript.


Please note that Honors Contracts may only be taken for a letter grade and students must earn a grade of B- or better to receive Honors credit for the course.


Student-initiated Honors contract

This contract will allow the student and faculty member to create an Honors experience in any lecture and/or laboratory course. The student initiates this application procedure by discussing the possibility with the instructor. Honors contracts must involve a faculty member. However, graduate students could be involved in an Honors contract if a faculty member provides supervision and endorses the contract.


Faculty-initiated Honors contract

For this contract, faculty members announce the opportunity for more than one student to pursue Honors Credit in a Regular or Majors Course. Students may have unique assignments/expectations or the instructor may plan a group effort


Important notes

  • All Honors contracts must be approved by the UHP Director.
  • An email will be sent to the student and the instructor with the process after the Honors contract is approved.
  • Near the end of the semester, a Faculty- or Student-Initiated Contract for Honors Credit Course Form will be sent to the instructor.
  • Honors credit cannot be assigned until the appropriate Honors contract form is completed and returned.
  • A memorandum will be sent to Registration and Records to indicate “REQ Designation: Completed Honors Requirements” on the student’s transcript.
  • In general, Honors contracts cannot be used to satisfy University Honors Program requirements (i.e. HON seminar credit), though they may be taken by UHP students to fulfill the requirements of a disciplinary Honors program (i.e. CALS Honors).