Honors Study Abroad

One of the UHP’s major objectives is to stimulate global awareness of issues both within and outside your discipline(s). Consequently, the UHP encourage students to participate in study abroad experiences and incorporate those experiences into their plan of study.


What counts as Study Abroad?

In order to receive HON seminar credit, experiences must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of six weeks abroad
  • At least one, three-credit graded course associated with the experience

Credit for the study abroad is ultimately at the discretion of the student’s UHP advisor. Students should always check with their advisor rather than assuming an experience will count toward HON seminar credit.


Application process

At least one semester prior to your study abroad experience:

  • Students should review their plan of study with their academic advisor to determine how a study abroad experience fits into their academic plan.
  • Meet with a Study Abroad advisor to discover options and choose an experience.
  • Work with both an academic advisor and the Study Abroad office to determine how study abroad credits will transfer.
  • Complete the NC State Study Abroad application.
  • Complete Honors Study Abroad Contract.

While studying abroad:

  • Take advantage of all educational, social, and cultural opportunities available.
  • Take the time to reflect on the experience: keep a journal, take photos, blog, and keep mementos.

After studying abroad:

  • Students must submit a Reflection Paper (located on the Forms section of the website) before the 5th day of classes the semester abroad. The paper may be emailed to university_honors@ncsu.edu, or delivered in paper form to the UHP Office (Clark 219) .