IPGK 295 – Ebola

Announcing IPGK 295 – Current Controversies in Health and Life Sciences: Ebola

  • Maymester, (May 11-May 29th): 3 week intensive course
  • Instructor: Dr Kathleen Vogel

This course will focus on the recent Ebola outbreak and study it through an interdisciplinary perspective. We will read scientific and medical literature about the outbreak, and contrast these with perspectives from medical anthropology and related social science disciplines to obtain a holistic understanding of the outbreak. Students will hear guest lectures from leading Ebola virus researchers and policy officials involved in the international response efforts. We will also go on field trips to Washington, DC to visit with scientists working in high containment laboratories with the Ebola virus and U.S. government agencies involved in the Ebola response efforts, as well as local NC hospitals, EMT, and emergency preparedness units to learn how North Carolina has been planning for possible Ebola cases.
***This course will satisfy a GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives requirement and the GEP Global Knowledge requirement.