Junior Capstone Reminder

Dear UHP juniors:

As you are aware, in order to complete the program all students must complete a 6-credit-hour Capstone project under the guidance of a faculty member.  Now is the time that you should begin thinking about and planning for your Capstone project.  The most important thing you can do at this point is to review the Capstone overview and the Capstone Prospectus documentation specific to the type of project you intend to complete: traditionalmodified senior design, and disciplinary honors. If you have any questions, you should also schedule an appointment with your UHP advisor.


As you begin to conceptualize your project, it is critical that you keep in mind the following things:

  • All projects require an NC State faculty mentor who has expertise in the area of your project. A good place to start in making a connection with a mentor is by going online, reviewing faculty research interests, and setting up meetings to discuss possible ideas or projects. If you have not started networking in your discipline, you should start doing so immediately.
  • All projects require six, graded research credit hours on your transcript. In other words, you must register for hours beginning Fall 2016 unless you are doing a modified Senior design (see note below). There are two ways to register for these hours. The first is to find a course in your major (e.g. CH 498) and register for the hours. The second is to register for HON 498/499. Please note that students cannot enroll themselves in HON 498/499, but must turn in a contract on or before the 5th day of class to enroll.
  • Students modifying a 3-credit senior design do not need to register for additional credit hours, but must be able to articulate how they will make up the additional 3 hours of credit on theirCapstone prospectus. The modification should require significantly extra effort and thought, which is roughly equivalent to a 3-credit-hour course.
  • All students who intend to graduate in May 2017 must complete a Capstone prospectus on or before the 20th day of class of the Fall 2016 semester. This requirement pertains to all students, even those completing a modified senior design. For more information about your specific prospectus, please refer to the Capstone overview.

If you have any questions about your Capstone project, including questions regarding how to get started, please don’t hesitate to contact your UHP advisor (listed below) who can help guide you through the process.


The UHP staff