Student Success: Meredith Biechele

The University Honors Program’s (UHP) presence can be felt throughout the campus as its students so often search for involvement within a variety of organizations such as Student Government, sports teams, and University Theatre. One member of the UHP who excels in this regard is Meredith Biechele, a Junior in Mechanical Engineering who currently serves as Student Government’s Executive Assistant, a Chancellor’s Aid, a UHP Fellow, and was formerly the Vice President of Programing (VPP) for the Quad Area Council (QAC). Additionally, she was the writer, producer, and director of her own play, a rendition of George Orwell’s 1984 which served as her Honors Capstone project.

“unique experience”

When asked which of her many positions was the most impactful she responded with the “VPP of QAC” since it was her gateway position into student leadership and helped her develop a personal definition and style of leadership. Along with QAC and the Honors Village she considers the UHP a positive force that influenced her pursuit of leadership positions across campus. This was due to the interdisciplinary interactions and extracurricular discovery emphasized within the Program.  When asked what, specifically, about the program gave her this intuition, Meredith answered the Honors Capstone project and how independent research in the field of Theatre was a “unique experience” which allowed her to grow and develop as a student, creative thinker, and an interdisciplinary individual. She attributed her desire to undergo unconventional research to her experience in HON 310, Creative Processes in Science. That class pushed her to think critically and creatively to find perspective she had not previously pursued. It was this drive towards difference and inquiry into the unknown that pushed Meredith to emerge as a strong student leader across NC State’s campus.