Student Success: Stephanie Lola

From the get-go, the UHP students dive into this university headlong looking for opportunities to improve the community and help with the development of other students around campus. One such student who exemplifies all the UHP hopes to achieve is sophomore Stephanie Lola. Aside from classes, Stephanie works as a Community Assistant at the Quad Area’s 24-hour desk, a swim instructor, Life Sciences Class Assistant, where she mentors First-year students and helps instruct the LSC 103 course with Advisors,
and she is the President of the Quad-Area-Council. These scratch the surface of her involvement in the community, a path which the Honors Program was a major factor in starting her along. When questioned about her reasons for joining the Honors Program she responded, “It seemed very similar to my high school and so I applied. The UHP seemed to be the link I needed between the high school I loved, and the university I love.” She stated this after explaining how


her high school was small and academically driven providing an opportunity for “inquiry and discussion.” It was this drive and openness to the discussion of the deeper questions which caught her attention and the Honors Village which drew her to the program. The small community escape from the large university
the bustle was the added draw making the Honors Program the perfect combination of academic push and locational leisure. The UHP helped Stephanie in more ways than one. One way she expressed is how “the UHP has helped me to figure out what I am passionate about and to give me a direction.” She states that she was shy before the program, but over the past couple of years, the program has allowed her to come out of her shell and shine brightly among the other students. The program helped her find the field she is interested in and gave her guidance as to working towards these new goals. The experience which most impacted Stephanie and has
been the greatest push she had received was her first honors seminar, Power of Horror. She states, “I have never liked horror movies.
I hate them. When I attended the Honors Program orientation over the summer, I was told which seminar I would be in and the first
question I asked was if I could change my seminar.” She did not change her seminar, however, due to the advice of Dr. Stoller. Instead,
the seminar became her “favorite class” as it exposed the theme and deeper meanings within the horror films and revealed to her that everything in life isn’t what is shown in the gilding, but is the core and essence below. This lesson has pushed her to try new things and
jump when the landing is unknown and to learn more about herself and her aspirations for conquering life’s great challenges.