Proposing and developing a UHPA course

UHPA courses are intended to be thematic, short-courses which allow UHP students to explore an area of interest in more depth or gain knowledge in an area outside of their course of study. Student-instructors are encouraged to be as imaginative as possible with their course topics. At a minimum, UHPA courses must be:

  • developed around a common theme or topic, rather than a survey or introductory course
  • unavailable as an offering anywhere else in the NCSU course catalog
  • taught by two UHP student-instructors

All questions pertaining to the UHPA should be directed to Dr. Aaron Stoller.


Course development timeline

Students who wish to teach a UHPA course should begin holding conversations with their Honors advisor as soon as possible to discuss both their ideas and the timeline. The earlier this process begins, the easier it will be to ensure a smooth course development process.


The proposal semester (two semesters prior to teaching):

  1. On or before the mid-point of the proposal semester, the two student-instructors will schedule a meeting meet with Dr. Stoller to discuss their proposed course in more depth.
  2. After the course concept is approved, the students will:
    • identify a faculty mentor who will oversee the independent study necessary to develop the  course content during the preparatory semester
    • register for a 2-credit-hour HON 298 under the direction of the aforementioned faculty member, which will last the duration of the preparatory semester
    • complete an HON 298 course contract
    • complete a UHPA course contract


The preparatory semester (one semester prior to teaching):


During the course of the preparatory semester, the students will conduct a 2-credit-hour independent study in the course subject area under the guidance of a faculty member. This will result in (a) a substantial literature review in the subject area and (b) a completed syllabus for the course by the end of term. Students must meet with the faculty mentor and a member of the UHP staff to ensure both processes are progressing adequately. A copy of the syllabus and the literature review must be emailed to the UHP at the end of the term.


The teaching semester:


During the teaching semester, student-instructors will register for 1-credit-hour HON 298 under the direction of either the preparatory faculty mentor or a UHP staff member. As part of this process, student-instructors will need to complete a new HON 298 course contract for the teaching semester.