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Honors Capstone

Design students and faculty working in the studio spaces in Leazer.

Every University Honors Program completes either an Honors Capstone project or a Portfolio. The Capstone is a culminating experience, a project that demonstrates a student has developed an integrated understanding of their major field of study and can apply the tools and modes of inquiry of that field, thereby generating new knowledge.

Getting Started

University Honors Program students come from every college and hence represent a wide diversity of disciplines, each of which has its own unique modes of inquiry and means of presenting new knowledge. Therefore, it is impossible to define a single means for completing the University Honors Program Capstone. To get started, students should review the overview located on the right side menu bar and speak with their University Honors Program advisor.


The prospectus is due by no later than the 20th day of class two semesters prior to a student’s graduation date. May graduates should submit the prospectus by the 20th day of class in the Fall term. For December graduates, the prospectus must be submitted by the 20th day of class in the Spring term.

Related Forms

All additional pertinent materials can be found on the Forms section of the website.