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Our program provides students with innovative academic and enrichment experiences that encourage them to create a transformative undergraduate experience! Gifts from alumni and friends to the University Honors Program Enhancement Fund allow us to increase the range of experiences we offer students and to support them as they pursue their passions, generate new knowledge, become active citizens, and embrace the challenges of a rapidly evolving world. 

Our students are engaged all across campus as leaders in research, the arts, student organizations, and academics. 

  • There are roughly 500 incoming first-year students in the Honors Program, which is approximately 10% of the incoming class at NC State. 
  • We offer 50 unique and innovative HON seminars each year.
  • Through their participation in the Honors Forum, our students are offered opportunities to engage in nearly 300 co-curricular events each semester that range from special lectures and theatre performances to museum visits and workshops. 
  • We deliver two study abroad programs in Oxford, England, and Florence, Italy that serve over 75 students each year. 
  • We offer outdoor and cultural explorations programs highlighting the natural and cultural resources of our state, our country, and the world that serve 150 students each year.

Your support allows us to

Increase the range of co-curricular opportunities available to students through Forum and our HON seminars

  • $250 allows us to arrange a dinner that allows a group of our students to speak with and learn from a faculty member or a graduate of one of our programs.
  • $500 allows us to take students to see a ballet or symphony performance.
  • $500 allows us to develop a field trip that complements the objectives of an HON seminar.
  • $1000 allows us to take a group of students to a local performance of a touring Broadway show.

Support students who travel to attend conferences, interview for national and international scholarships, or participate in study abroad programs

  • $750 allows us to assist a student with travel costs related to a graduate school or fellowship interview.
  • $1000 allows us to send a student to present and participate in the National Conference on Undergraduate Research or to support travel related to a capstone project.
  • $1500 allows us to help a student purchase an international flight for a unique overseas experience.
  • $5000 allows us to cover the cost of one of our summer study abroad programs for a student.

Give students with financial need the chance to participate in our Cultural Explorations Programs and Outdoor Explorations Programs. 

  • $500 allows us to provide a travel award to allow a student with financial need to go on one of our Explorations trips.
  • $2500 allows a student with need who has never had the opportunity to travel internationally to experience cities like Amsterdam, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin on a Spring Break Cultural Explorations trip. 
  • $3000 allows 15 students to have a fully funded Fall Break Outdoor Exploration trip in North Carolina’s scenic wilderness
  • $4000 allows us to send a group of 50 students to a Broadway show during our NYC Fall Break trip.

Provide fee waivers that allow students to pursue an honors education. 

  • $400 allows us to support a student with a fee waiver for the student’s first year in the program.
  • $1300 allows us to support a student with a fee waiver for four years.

Give to the University Honors Program Enhancement Fund