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This page contains the program requirements for students accepted in the Fall of 2022. If you joined the program prior to Fall 2022, please review your requirements here.

In order to successfully graduate from the University Honors Program, students must complete the following:

  • Pass two HON seminars in their first two years in the program
  • Pass six additional credit hours of approved coursework with a grade of B- or better by the time they graduate
  • Pass two semesters of the Honors Forum course in their first two years in the program
  • Complete three high-impact experiences by the time they graduate
  • Create and publish and culminating portfolio and reflection
  • Maintain a 3.25 or higher cumulative GPA throughout their time in the program

UHP Advisors

Your UHP advisor can help answer your questions about program completion requirements, finding and participating in high-impact experiences, and tracking your progress through the program. They cannot advise you on coursework requirements for your degree. Contact your advisor using the hyperlink below.

Anne AutenLast names beginning with A-Cn
Sean CassidyLast names beginning with Co-Gra and Pat-Sie
Ken JohnsonLast names beginning with Grb-Lar
Sarah Beth MayLast names beginning with Las-Pan
Carolyn VealeLast names beginning with Sif- Z