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Image depicts a large group of Honors Program students in front of "People Focused Coffee," with some of that business's staff, in downtown Raleigh, NC during the Honors Program's Rooted in Raleigh summer opportunity.

Honors Village

Welcome to the Honors Quad. Welcome Home.

Who We Are

Both the University Honors Program (UHP) main offices and the Honors Village are housed in the “Quad” on NC State’s East Campus, a convenient location for residents to access their UHP staff and program advisors and locally-hosted activities for UHP engagement.

The Honors Village is an optional, value-added living and learning community that enhances the intellectual exploration and personal development of its residents. The Honors Village offers students a wide range of educational opportunities that ease the transition to honors in college and help students make connections with their peers, NC State, and the world around them.

There is no additional cost on top of a student’s general Housing expenses to participate in a village at NC State, but you get so much more from your on-campus housing and University Honors Program experiences by living in the Honors Village!

The Village offers support staff in the form of a full-time director, a graduate assistant, student peer mentors, and a Scholar-in-Residence living on-site in Bagwell Hall. The Honors Village is not simply a place where you live, but a space where students, faculty, and staff co-create a transformational learning experience and a community that shares similar values and priorities. Each semester Honors Villagers can participate in a variety of activities and initiatives that complements the University Honors Program values and requirements, promotes exploration, and builds community.

If you have any questions, please email Village Leadership at For more information about what Living Learning Villages are and why you should apply to live in one, visit the Living and Learning Village webpage. For general information on the NC State Housing process and timelines, including Village applications, visit

Note: Students are encouraged to apply to the Honors Village as soon as they are accepted at NC State, and can apply even before being accepted into the University Honors Program. For eventual acceptance into the Honors Village, students will have to be accepted into the University Honors Program. Participation in the Honors Village is not required of Honors Program students, but is highly recommended. Acceptance to the Honors Village is not automatic upon acceptance to the University Honors Program – students must apply to the Honors Village when they complete their University Housing application in order to be considered for the Village.

Village Benefits: What You Get

Students have a lot of options for on-campus housing at NC State. We strongly encourage you to join the Honors Village community to have the most immersive Honors Program experience! Here are just a few reasons why we think you should apply to live in the Honors Village:

> Participate in a community that revolves around student-centered engagement and diversity of perspectives and majors while earning High Impact Experience credit (credit towards the UHP requirements)  

> Attend your interdisciplinary Honors seminars without leaving the residence halls

> Close proximity to the University Honors program staff and advisors in Clark Hall

> Explore research almost as soon as you arrive on campus with the Village-only Springboard into Research Course, Fall Symposium, and Rooted in Raleigh, an early-arrival research and exploration boot camp for a cohort of new villagers

> Meet other Honors students and get prepared for classes with our annual Kickstart! move-in weekend events

> Priority registration for UHP trips to places like New York, Paris, Seattle, and more

> Unique-to-the-Village signature events like the 20 hour MetaSkill Challenge, Scholar-in-Residence-led creative writing group, and Village-only trips to D.C. and Atlanta

> Access to classroom spaces, a computer lab, outdoor volleyball court, and many other indoor and outdoor study and community spaces


Each year, the Honors Village selects a faculty member to serve as the Scholar-in-Residence (SIR) to connect students and faculty more closely outside the classroom. The SIR serves as a role model for village students as they develop as young professionals and researchers while also adding additional expertise in their area of scholarship.

The current Scholar-in-Residence is Tatiana Rabinovich, an Assistant Teaching Professor for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences’ Department of Interdisciplinary Studies. Her research is located at the intersection of Cultural Anthropology, Gender and Women’s Studies, and Islamic Studies.

Village Peer Mentors

Honors Village Mentors support the village and University Honors Program by serving as academic role models, peer mentors, and facilitating village-wide activities and opportunities. All mentors work with Honors Forum, program and support first-year and returning students living in the community, and connect their peers with resources across campus. Mentors establish relationships with their individual “Village Cluster,” as well build community across the Village, in partnership with Honors Program staff, and also with Honors Quad Housing staff and area council members.

Village Mentors create and implement programming that connects the classroom to the campus and beyond. These programs include the HV 20 Hour MetaSkill Challenge, Fall Symposium, “Around Us” film series, Breakout! (a monthly puzzle and problem-solving challenge), and other regular and special events.

To find out more about this position, including position responsibilities and hiring timelines, as well as other employment opportunities, please visit