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Benefits of the UHP

UHSP Students in Vancouver Canada by a seaplane Spring Break 2019.
Students on a UHP Spring Break trip in Vancouver, Canada. Photo by Chester Brewer.

Participation in the University Honors Program provides students with a platform to achieve great things both on and off-campus. Some of the benefits include:

  • Access to cultural events on and off campus through the Honors Forum course.
  • Access to innovative coursework specially designed for Honors students that includes HON seminars and Honors sections of certain courses.
  • Opportunities for travel and experiential learning through our Cultural, Outdoor, and Career Explorations trips as well as summer study abroad opportunities in Florence, Italy or Oxford, England.
  • A sense of belonging in our vibrant living and learning community, the Honors Village, in Berry, Becton, and Bagwell Halls on East Campus.

These opportunities to travel, hear the latest cutting edge news from the newsmakers themselves, to gain exposure to the ideas percolating throughout our society,—these opportunities provide our students with the very real and necessary benefit of becoming further connected to the world around them and becoming well-rounded and involved citizens as well as knowledge creators.

UHP graduates on the great seal

Our graduates are amazing!

Upon completion of the program requirements, graduating students receive an official designation in their final university transcript, recognition in the commencement ceremony program, an invitation to the UHP senior ceremony, and a UHP medal. Students who successfully graduate from the program go on to be highly competitive applicants for prestigious graduate schools, employers, scholarships, fellowships, and grant opportunities. Our graduates are regularly admitted to top-tier graduate and professional schools such as Oxford, Stanford, and the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine; receive scholarships such as the Goldwater, Marshall, and Churchill; or go on to pursue careers in the field of their choosing. Our students are prepared to think critically, engage deeply, act locally, and problem-solve creatively.