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University Scholars Information

Program requirements for students who were admitted beginning Fall 2018 and later

Students who joined the University Scholars Program beginning in the Fall 2018 semester or later must accomplish the following in order to successfully complete the program:

  • Scholars Forum: Complete 3 semesters with a grade of satisfactory.
    • This requirement must be completed in the first four semesters of being in the program. If you are unable to meet this requirement, please contact your University Scholars Program advisor listed in the right-hand sidebar.
  • Approved coursework: Successfully complete 12 hours with a grade of B- or better.
    • One of these courses must be an Honors seminar course that you take in your first year in the program. If you are unable to add an Honors seminar course to your schedule, or if you were not automatically assigned to one, contact your University Scholars Program advisor listed in the right-hand sidebar.
  • High Impact Experiences: Complete a minimum of 3 high impact experiences drawn from a variety of opportunities, including but not limited to non-course based undergraduate research, leadership, service, teaching and tutoring, Arts NC State programs, professional development, exploration programs, and other experiences approved by the staff of the USP. Students should complete the High Impact Non-Course Request Form to register at least 1 of their experiences.  For the remaining two experiences, students may complete the form or submit a copy of the final project associated with the experience (ie: paper, poster, presentation, creative project or another deliverable).  Final projects should be emailed to with a subject line that includes High Impact Experience Request and a brief message that summarizes the experience. 

A list of examples that can be used to fulfill this requirement is below:

  • Non-course based research: Completing a minimum of 45 hours of research in the same lab or on the same project over the course of the academic year. Participation in REU programs can also fulfill this requirement.
  • Leadership: Serving in a leadership position in student government, in a student organization, or in a campus unit or program (resident advisor, village mentor, college ambassador, other leadership roles).
  • Volunteer Service: Completing a minimum of 45 hours with the same organization or project over the course of the academic year. 
  • Teaching and Tutoring: Working for the University Tutorial Center or Academic Support for Student Athletes. Completing a semester of student teaching or serving as a teaching assistant.
  • Living in a living and learning village on campus.
  • Arts NC State: Marching Band, Music Department ensembles, Dance Program, University Theatre performance or stage crew, etc.

And students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher for the duration of your time at NC State.

After all four of these criteria are met, students are awarded a USP medal and receive a certificate at their departmental graduation and designation on their transcript. For questions about program completion, please contact your USP advisor listed in the right-hand sidebar.