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Honors Forum Attendance

Learn how your attendance is tracked at Honors Forum events and where you can access a list of events you have attended.

The requirement

In order to pass a semester of the Honors Forum, students must attend at least twelve (12) events from the Honors Forum event schedule, which can be found on the NC State Guides app. Only events listed in the Guides app count for Honors Forum attendance unless stated otherwise by UHP staff.

Honors Forum attendance FAQs

Attendance is taken at Honors Forum events when a UHP staff member scans your Guides app QR code upon entry to the event. It is your responsibility to meet the group and the UHP staff member at the location, date, and time listed in the event description in order to have your attendance recorded for the event.

Your semester-long attendance record is stored in the WolfWare (Moodle) page for the Honors Forum course. However, we also highly encourage students to keep a personal record on your phone or a spreadsheet of the events you attend including the event title and the date the event took place.

  • Go to and log in with your Unity ID and password.
  • In your list of courses, click “Honors Forum”.
  • Then, click on the link listed under the heading “Attendance”, for the “Forum Code List”. This document shows the complete list of Honors Forum events. Each event on the list is represented by a letter code. For example, Monday or Tuesday “Main” Honors Forum is always represented by an ‘X’ on the Forum Code list. Different events have different letter codes.
  • Now click on “Grades” listed in the left-hand column of the screen. This will open a page with a list of the events you have attended, by week. The letters posted for each week represent the events you attended that week. Please refer back to the Forum Code List document to determine which events those are.
  • Compare the codes listed for you in the Moodle Grades section with the list of events and codes in the Forum Code List to determine which events you have attended.

It can take between 7 to 10 business days for your attendance to show up in WolfWare/Moodle. This is because UHP student staff manually enter the attendance record for each event. We appreciate your patience.

First, please remember that it can take up to 10 business days for your attendance to be updated in WolfWare/Moodle. If the attendance for a specific event has not shown up in WolfWare/Moodle after 10 days, please complete this short Google Form and we will get back to you.