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Honors Forum Event Registration

The NC State Guides app is the home of the Honors Forum event schedule and the tool for registering for Honors Forum events.

In order to register for many alternate Honors Forum events, you will utilize the NC State Guides app. You will receive an email invitation to join the Honors Forum Guide at the beginning of the academic year. Within the app, you will have access to the entire Honors Forum schedule and have the ability to register for events. Below are some tips and guidelines for using the Guides app effectively.

Access the NC State Guides app

Home of the Honors Forum schedule

Event registration FAQs

Registration for Honors Forum events opens three weeks in advance of the event date within the Guides app. Each event that requires registration will indicate the date on which registration becomes available.

Each event shows up on the calendar list of events. To add an event to your schedule (ie to register for the event) simply click the “+” icon in the event description.

Each Honors Forum event in the app lists a meeting date, time, and location. It is up to you to be at the location of the event at the date and time listed in order to participate in the event and receive Honors Forum credit for attending.

If you register for an Honors Forum event but find that you cannot attend the event, you must go into the NC State Guides app and cancel your spot in the event at least 72 hours in advance. If it is found that miss multiple events that require registration, or if you are a “no-show” for events that require registration, your registration abilities may be revoked after 2 instances.

At each Honors Forum event that you attend, a member of the UHP staff will be present to scan your personal NC State Guides app QR code from your phone or tablet. In this way, the staff of the UHP verifies your attendance at Honors Forum events. If your QR code is not scanned, you will not be counted as attending the event. Once attendance for each event is processed it receives a letter code that is listed in the WolfWare (Moodle) for USP 110/111.

Within the app, click on the main menu, then click on the QR code icon. Present this code to the UHP staff person who is managing the event attendance at the event.