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Honors Forum Policies and FAQs

This page contains all the specific policies and guidelines for the Honors Forum course.

General Course Description

Honors Forum is a zero credit-hour course that is taken as pass/fail only. In order to pass the course, you must attend 10 events from the Honors Forum event schedule, located in the NC State Guides app. University Honors students are required to pass two semesters of the Honors Forum course in their first two years in the program.

The events that make up the course are presented in two formats, Main Forum and Alternate Forum.

  • Main Forum – these are regularly occurring Honors Forum meetings that take place on Monday (section 001) and Tuesday (section 002) afternoons in the Fall semesters, and Mondays (section 001) only in the Spring semesters.
  • Alternate Forum – these are Honors Forum events that take place outside of the Main Forum events.

Events that you attend in either of these categories count toward your overall Honors Forum attendance.

Honors Forum etiquette

The staff of the UHP and our various campus partners work very hard to provide you with the best Honors Forum experience possible. The Honors Forum speakers and performers we host are guests of the University Honors Program and NC State University. As members of this community, we hold you to a high expectation of good behavior in Honors Forum events. Rude and disrespectful behavior at any Honors Forum event will not be tolerated because it not only prevents everyone from taking advantage of our guests’ expertise and knowledge but also reflects poorly on the University Honors Program. 

In order to receive attendance credit for events, all students are expected to adhere to proper rules of etiquette while in Forum: 

  • Arrive on time for the event and stay for the duration of the event;
  • Turn off and put away cell phones, tablets, and laptops unless instructed otherwise; 
  • Put away newspapers, books, magazines, etc; 
  • Sit up and focus on the presentation; 
  • and when asking questions of Forum guests, remember to be respectful

Violations of Honors Forum etiquette during Honors Forum events are prohibited and may result in the loss of attendance credit and/or dismissal from the event. If a staff member tells you that you are not going to receive credit for an event, you must verify your ID.

Honors Forum FAQs

Great question! We are glad you asked. We love hearing from students, faculty, and campus partners about events happening on campus and in the Triangle that we should consider adding to the Honors Forum schedule. We receive many such requests each semester. There are two main guidelines to keep in mind and then there is a  short form that must be completed.

  • First, all events must be sponsored by a University college, academic, or administrative department.
  • Second, we must receive all such requests via the form below no later than two weeks in advance of the proposed event.

If you think you have an event that fits this description, please complete this request form. If you have any questions, please email

You can register for Honors Forum events in the NC State Guides app. For full instructions, please refer to the event registration instructions page found at

At each event that you attend for Honors Forum credit, you must bring with you a phone or tablet with the NC State Guides app installed. At the event, a UHP staff person will use their device to scan your unique NC State Guide QR code. Your QR code can be found in the “Event Check-in” tab of the app. Present your device with the QR code showing as you enter the event.

In order to pass the class, you must attend at least 10 Honors Forum events throughout the semester. We highly recommend that you keep a personal log on your phone or in a spreadsheet of the events you attend including the event title and date. To check your progress, please review the instructions that can be found on the Honors Forum attendance page found at

You may attend as many Honors Forum events in any given week as you would like to. However, we find that students are most successful when they meet the following attendance milestones:

  • By week 8 of the semester, have attended at least 6 events.
  • By week 12 of the semester, have attended at least 8 events.
  • By week 15 of the semester, have attended at least 10 events.

You will frequently hear staff use the terms Main Forum and Alternate Forum. Main Forum refers to the regularly scheduled lecture series that takes place on Mondays (section 001) and Tuesdays (section 002) in the Fall semester and Mondays (section 001) in the Spring semester. Alternate Forum events are all the other events on the Honors Forum schedule that count for Honors Forum credit that happen outside of the regularly occurring Monday or Tuesday lecture series. Examples of Alternate Forum events include the book club, film series, field trips, and campus partner events.

Yes. There are not enough Main Forum sessions for you to pass the class if you only attend Main Forum sessions. This means that in order to pass the class by attending 10 events, including today, you must plan ahead and select at least one Alternate Forum event that will fit into your schedule.

Yes. There are no “absences” in this course. We only track the events that you do attend. As long as you attend 10 Honors Forum events in any combination of Main and Alternate events, you will pass the class.

Absolutely! You can attend as many Honors Forum events each week as you desire as long as they fit into your schedule and you are interested in attending. The current record for most Honors Forum events attended in a single semester is 56!

You MUST have your Guides app QR code scanned by a UHP staff person upon entering the event you plan to attend. If you arrive 10 minutes after the event starts, you will not be scanned into the event and you will not receive credit. You also cannot have your QR code scanned after the event. Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to follow the attendance guidelines listed for each event in the schedule. If there is a difference in how attendance will be taken at a specific event, the UHP staff person managing the event will inform you upon your arrival.

Some of the events on the Honors Forum schedule have limited spaces available. When this is the case, registration will be required. Students register for these events in the NC State University Guides app following the instructions provided within the event description. Once you are registered for the event it will automatically be added to the “My Honors Forum Events” tab in the app.

If your schedule changes or you are unable to attend an Honors Forum event for which you are registered, you must cancel your registration in the NC State University Guides app by going to the “My Honors Forum Events” tab and removing the event from your calendar. We ask that you cancel your registration at least 72 hours in advance so that people on the waitlist can make adjustments to their schedule as necessary in order to attend.

Yes, you may buy your own ticket for an event and receive Honors Forum credit for attending the event, but only if you are attending the same exact event on the same date as is listed in the Honors Forum event schedule.

You may do so one time in a given semester, by utilizing our Select-a-Forum option. Once this semester, you may attend an event that you believe is worthy of inclusion on the Honors Forum schedule, but is not actually on the schedule. If you complete this form fully and satisfactorily, you will receive credit for this event. This can be an event that has already occurred this semester. It can also include attending an event that we’re already going to, but on a different date or time. You may only receive this credit once this semester. 

Your attendance record is located in WolfWare/Moodle. Visit For full instructions on how to check your attendance, please view the short instructional video at

It can take between 7 to 10 business days for your attendance credit to be entered into WolfWare/Moodle from the date of actual event attendance. We appreciate your patience.

First, please remember that it can take up to 10 business days for your attendance to be updated in WolfWare/Moodle. If the attendance for a specific event has not shown up in WolfWare/Moodle after 10 days, please complete this short Google Form and we will get back to you.

No, you may not. For example, if you attend the same University Theatre performance multiple times, you will only receive credit for attending it once.

Please talk with your UHP advisor. And remember: We have several work-study students who work in the UHP office, generally for only a few hours each week. While they are excellent folx and may frequently be able to help you, they may not always be able to accurately answer all of your questions. If you find they are not able to help you, please be patient with them and wait until you are able to speak with your advisor. Everyone on the UHP staff will treat you with respect, and we expect the same in return.